One other thing.

The air outside the domes is bombarded with miasmatic radiation: heavy amounts of pi e-pens and breathers are required to live outside the domes. The industrial theme park creates an immense amount of pollution poisoning its citizens and slowly mutating them.

Beware The Sand Worms

Remember to tread lightly.

Something that actually makes sense

Tobi has been working on an incredibly compelling story for about 20 years now. I'm not talking about a book or two, but an entirely in-depth universe, with a huge variety of characters that cross the main character's path and make their own brilliant and unique dents in their world. Their own gods have fleshed-out histories. Their calendars are mapped with zodiacs and holidays. You’ve got comedy, action, horror, lore, realistic sci-fi concepts and all the wide spectrums of fiction and compelling storyline. While he has a very lengthy comic book series in mind and a unique boardgame concept, we have decided to start on producing a videogame that begins the story. Starting simple, we can build up interest in this story, funds to hire artists and develop the game and books into its full imagined glory.


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